Like most good ideas, Purity Water started with some guys who were annoyed about something and decided to do something about it….

We got tired of spending too much money just to drink water. We asked ourselves, did we really need heaps of empty bottles lying around? Complicated plumbing to install? Extended contracts that last forever?  The answer was NO.

We felt like we had been over marketed to. “Big Water” companies keep telling us we need heaps of bottles or specialized plumbing and extended contracts. But why? Drinking water should be simple. It used to be.

So, we have teamed up with some of the world’s leading water purifier manufacturers and created a simple system of purification and dispensing. But we haven’t stopped there… We thought, “You know what else is annoying…. Not knowing when to replace our worn out filters. Someone should just send our replacement filters when they are required.” And just like that Purity Water was born!

For less than $2.00 per day, you can enjoy purified water at your home or office. No more bottles, no more plumbing, no more fuss. Just purified water for a low commitment. Read more about our payment plans.