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The unpleasant odour in tap water is primarily due to the presence of certain elements in the water. If the funny smell or taste occurs at every tap or faucet, the problem is most likely in the main water supply. If the issue only happens at some taps, the root of the problem is in the pipes or fixtures supplying water in those specific outlets.

The presence of impurities and contaminants in the water produces different kinds of odours and tastes, which are usually distasteful. While most of these cases don’t pose an immediate health threat, the strong taste and odour can affect your drinking experience.

Our innovative Granulated Activated Carbon Filters are highly capable of removing any unwanted odour in tap water. Through chemical absorption, this unit filters impurities that cause the water to smell unpleasantly, such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide.

The Purity Water Granulated Activated Carbon Filter is specially designed for our counter top water purifier. Its shelf life is approximately around 3 months, or up to 1000 litres of tap water filtered.

Filter Effective Lifespan: 3 months or 1000 litres.

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Granulated Activated Carbon Filter

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Weight 0.335 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 25.5 cm


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