Water Coolers

Transform your ordinary tap water into clean, fresh and healthy drinking water with Purity Water’s high quality purifying and dispensing solutions. We offer bench top and floor standing water coolers to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers. All of the units are easy to install and require no plumbing – you can assemble the unit yourself. They filter and cool standard tap water before dispensing it.

There’s no need to spend more on bottled water and worry about where to place the empty containers. Our water dispensers provide drinking water just the way you want it – clean, cold, and refreshing. Craving for a cup of coffee? No problem. Our coolers dispense hot water, as well.

    Floor Standing Water Purifier

    Our Floor Standing Water Cooler is ideal for use in any residential or commercial space. This model comes with a great set of features and uses the latest filtration technology to purify your tap water. With a high quality water cooler in your property, you can drink chilled, great-tasting water any time.

    We designed this unit to eliminate the need for a complicated plumbing system. The package includes all of the components you need for the installation. Assemble it, fill it up with tap water and then plug it in. Just like our bench top water cooler, the floor standing version dispenses chilled and hot water.

    This unit uses a revolutionary 4-stage water filtration system to remove any unwanted elements in the water. All you get is fresh drinking water free from chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities. It comes with a safety lock to keep children away from harm.

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    Bench Top Water Purifier

    Our Bench Top Water Cooler provides a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly way to purify tap water at home or in the office. You don’t need to buy bottled water anymore, this unit dispenses clean, fresh and chilled drinking water. Moreover, it helps protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprints.

    Need financing? We have the right program for you. We offer interest-free 12-month instalment plans to help you own the water purifier of your choice easily.

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