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Floor Standing Water PurifierGetting pure and safe drinking water used to be simple. The supply was enough and the sources are clean. Things have changed due to a variety of factors, including pollution and climate change. Drought is affecting the water supply and contaminants are posing risks to public health.

An average home or business owner can hardly tell if the tap water they are using or drinking is safe. Some have found a way to make drinking water easily accessible to customers while of course, earning large sums of money. Bottled water has been on the market for years, quenching the thirst of millions of people across the globe.

The downside, however, is the increasing amount of carbon footprints released in the atmosphere during its use and disposal. Plastic bottles contain chemical compounds that can harm the environment and living things, including humans. Add to that the increasing cost of bottled water, specialised plumbing installation and contracts from major water companies.

We Want Change

At Purity Water, we want to make things easier for everyone. We want our clients to enjoy fresh and clean drinking water without overspending, which is why we provide cost effective purifying solutions. By working with top manufacturers and designers, we have developed a range of products that will give you a better drinking experience. We designed our water dispensers with the customers’ needs in mind. These units help you save more and reduce your carbon footprints by eliminating the need to buy bottled water. These are ideal for your home or business.

Water for Everyone

Purity Water strives to make safe drinking water readily available to everyone. Our products come at competitive prices and we offer financing programs to help you own a water dispenser easily. We have water purifiers, water coolers, and water filters, as well. All of the units are easy to assemble and require no plumbing work, allowing you to save time and money. No more bottled water and extended contracts from big water companies; just pure and safe drinking water you can enjoy anytime.

How These Products Work

You might be wondering how these products provide clean water at a fraction of the normal cost of buying heaps of bottles or installing a plumbing system. The answer is pure applied science. Our products use the latest technologies to transform ordinary tap water into purified and chilled drinking water. These remove contaminants and impurities through chemical absorption, mechanical action or a combination of both processes.

A water purifier from Purity Water can eliminate bad taste and odour, making every drop great tasting. For best results, use the right water filter and replace it regularly. We will let you know when you need to buy and install a replacement filter.

Own a Unit Now

Every water cooler, dispenser and purifier we sell is made from high quality, safe and environmentally friendly materials. We offer flexible instalment plans to make the payment process easier for our clients. Place your order today so we can ship it right away. Call us if you have questions about any of our products.


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