Water Purifiers

Purity Water recognises the importance of having clean and safe drinking water. We work with the trusted manufacturers to provide cost effective water purifying solutions to Australian families and business owners. We aim to help clients stay healthy and save more on water consumption or plumbing costs by offering high quality water purifiers.

You don’t have to spend too much on bottled water and extended contracts anymore. We have the technologies and products you need to make pure drinking water easily accessible. Read on to find out more about our innovative purifiers and the benefits they offer.

    Counter Top Water Purifier

    Keep your family safe from water-borne diseases caused by harmful microorganisms and contaminants. Our counter top water purifiers are ideal for use at home and in commercial properties, such as restaurants and offices. These are easy to assemble and require no complicated plumbing works, saving you both time and money.

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    Purity Water offers a long lasting solution to your water purifying needs. Our stainless steel counter top water purifier removes contaminants and other impurities to make every drop clean and safe. Each unit includes all of the fittings you need for easy installation.

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